Sunday, March 29, 2009

A few steps back

It's been a LONG weekend. Usually those are good, right? Not exactly the case here. Matt went away on a golf weekend so it was my first time alone with Ethan for that length of time. We survived and pretty well (patting myself on the back). The first night was scary but Ethan must have known I was on my own b/c he was a champion sleeper. The second night was a little less sleep but still good.

The hardest part ... he was SUPER fussy last night. The only thing that helped him was me bouncing up a storm while holding him tight. Poor guy. He wasn't feeling well. We are back to some really bad diapers (I'll spare you the gross details this time). I was concerned that it was the Lender's Frozen Bagels that I've been eating. I was questioning them because guar gum is one of the ingredients. On one site guar gum is listed as soy derivative but I haven't found any other info to support that. Vegetable gum is listed on my do not eat list. So, does guar gum = vegetable gum? I have no idea! What about Xanthan gum? See how confusing this can get?

I'm also wondering if caramel coloring is dairy? I know to avoid caramel flavoring.

Anyway, I was ready to give up the bagels, which I may still do if I can't get these questions answered. I'm reluctant to give them up if they are safe to eat b/c they are really the only kind of bread that I've been eating.

After some more gross diapers I started thinking that it probably isn't the bagels. I've been eating them for weeks and this is more of a flare up. What could it be? EGGS! Just in time for Easter, poor Ethan seems to be having a reaction to eggs. I ate several of them 2 days in a row so I'm thinking eggs might be the culprit. I'd much rather give eggs up than the bagels. Hopefully it will help.


  1. Sorry you had a little setback...hopefully cutting out the eggs will do the trick.

    But yay for you - you made it through the weekend :)

  2. Wow, you are so brave! I'm nervous about making it through my first day without Mike!

  3. i am sure matt doesn't do anything anyway, that guys is useless!