Monday, March 9, 2009

His first smile

Of all the firsts, this one was one of the most anticipated for me... and it was BEAUTIFUL! He smiled for the first time on Friday, March 6th. Matt and I were talking to him and all of the sudden, there it was! A REAL smile. I'm really glad that we were both home to see it.

In honor of his first smile here are some pics that make me smile. I think they are funny pics of my little guy.

This one makes me laugh b/c he's just so tiny. We were getting ready to leave the hospital. I think he grew out of that outfit when he was about 2 weeks old!

His first "bed head"

He's telling me to get that hat off of him! Little does he know that his Great-Great Aunt knit it for him!

Upset about another hat

Do you think this is how he'll dance at middle school dances? :)

He's FREEZING here

Smiling in his sleep. He likes to have his hands by his face.


  1. This was such an adorable post. I absolutely love the last picture. The middle school dance one made me laugh. He's really looking like his Daddy. Can't wait to visit with him again.

  2. i agree, he is cute like his daddy.

  3. Oh my gosh, that blue, tan and white striped outfit is the cutest little thing ever! Love it w/ the little cap too :) The pic of him in it before the freak out (lol) is one of my favs so far - love his toes!!! He is such a sweet little baby and has the funniest expressions, too much!

    I miss seeing you guys and have to plan a trip soon. LOVE the announcements, btw, got mine today!

  4. Oh my gosh, Christina - he is absolutely precious! And you look like a natural momma in some of your earlier posts :)