Thursday, March 5, 2009

My heart could just burst

It is so full of love that I feel it could just burst open at any moment. Ethan has been in our lives for nearly 6 weeks and it keeps getting better. Some of my favorite moments are
-when he's snuggled up, sleeping on my chest
-when he lays his head on my shoulder
-when he looks up at me and I can tell that he recognizes me
-the clicking noise he makes when he knows he's about to eat (like he smacking his lips) ... it's hysterical!
-watching him grow and develop
-when he's just waking up and stretches he makes the SAME faces as Matt does
-when I watch Ethan and Matt interacting...this is one of the BEST parts!

He is starting to 'talk'/ coo and is this.close to smiling. I think I've seen a couple open mouth smiles when he's talking but nothing definite yet.

My diet change is still tough but it seems to be helping him. I miss too many foods to list, plus it will just make me hungry.

The hairdryer was a miracle worker this week. I took a shower for the first time while home alone with Ethan. Usually I try to get one before Matt leaves for work. Ethan likes the sound of running water & decided that he finally likes his bouncer so I thought I could put him in there and take a quick shower. That lasted 2 minutes. He screamed and I had possibly the quickest shower of my life. He wouldn't calm down and I remembered the hairdryer sound from Happiest Baby on the Block. I turned the hairdryer on cool and just let it run. He went from screaming his head off, to looking around and very calm, to SLEEPING in about 2 minutes! It was a miracle. I was able to put lotion on AND dry my hair! I haven't worn make up in nearly 6 weeks but we'll get there.

On Sunday we're going on our first road trip with him. It's a short one ... only 1.5 hours to the Philly area and back the same day. We're going for the Christening of our dear friend's little girl. She is just 2 weeks older than Ethan. I'm so excited to meet her, see our friends, and introduce Ethan to everyone!

He found his hands too!

Here is a pic of Ethan at ONE month in a 12 month onesie. It will be fun to see the difference when he's a year old.

I wish this one wasn't so grainy. I love it!


  1. He is so adorable! You're even making me want one of my own :-)

  2. That pic of you hold him brought a tear to my eye... I'm sooo happy for you!