Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No more sleep talk

I've seen it happen over and over again yet I did it too...Blogs where moms rave about their babies' sleeping milestones and then post about how it didn't last. Ethan went back to three hour stretches last night. I missed that five hour stretch but I know I'll experience it again someday.

I forgot to include BATH TIME in my post about Ethan turning 2 months. He loves bath time! He lounges in his tub and lets out what sound like sighs of relief/relaxation.

He also still loves his room and the ceiling fan in there. We joke that the ceiling fan is his best friend. He is happiest when he's naked, or during "air time" as we call it.

I'm sitting here watching Ethan sleep in his swing and feel like smacking myself in the head. When we bought the swing I was so impressed with it's features, especially that it had 2 or more settings for the angle of the seat and that it could swing either front to back or side to side. Ethan has liked his swing for more than a month. I've been adjusting his head in it for more than a month. I didn't want to leave the room while he was in it b/c I didn't like the way his head would fall when he was asleep. I THOUGHT that the seat was in the furthest laying back position. I was WRONG. DUH! I was sitting in the floor next to him while he was in it today and noticed that the seat could go back one more notch! UGH! A month of worry wasted. He's so much cozier now. He's a little fussy this afternoon but cozy.

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  1. Ethan is so sweet! I hope Jackson and I can meet him soon :)