Monday, September 28, 2009

Building a sandwich

I posted about trying to re-introduce wheat into my diet & it not going well. I was scared to try anything with wheat for fear of being sick again. While browsing the natural food section/organic food section/gluten free section at Wegman's I met Peggy. Peggy works in that section and asked if she could help me find anything. While she was helping me find a few ingredients we chatted about Ethan's allergies and what I've been eating. I mentioned my fear of trying wheat again and she suggested this bread. She thought that since it is made from sprouted grains that my body may treat it as a vegetable instead of a grain. She felt it may be easier to digest while still re-introducing wheat. She was RIGHT! It worked! I tried one slice, lightly toasted. I felt fine and I didn't notice Ethan reacting to it either (YAY, it seems he is not gluten intolerant!). The bread is good. Matt commented that it smells good too. Best of all, it's dairy and soy free!

I was anxious to have a sandwich. I haven't had a sandwich since Ethan was just a few weeks old. I found a safe mustard with only ingredients that I knew Ethan hasn't reacted to and nothing that says 'natural flavor' b/c you have no idea what natural flavor is! The mustard was good but I missed mayonnaise. I searched a few stores for an egg-free mayo but they all contained soy. I finally found this recipe online. I've read about the ground flax seed and water combo as an egg substitute but this was the first time I tried it. It does turn out to be similar to the consistency of an egg! I can see why this works. I LOVE mayo so this admittedly is not mayo but it really does compare on a sandwich.

My next step was to reintroduce tomatoes. I have missed tomatoes so much this summer! I decided to try a BLT. Let me tell you, it was the best BLT I've ever had!

It sounds silly but it's a newly found freedom to pack a sandwich for my work days on the road.

***S-Anon, I've been thinking about you and hoping that things are going well. Have you introduced any more foods into your LO's diet?


  1. christina - i am glad you finally are able to enjoy a sandwich again. we love ezekial bread in our house!

  2. Usually I am saying YAY ETHAN but this time I'm saying YAY CHRISTINA! Sounds delicious!

  3. that's great that you got your LO to drink out of the sippy cup. Mine is now rejecting the bottle and the spoon, thanks to the foul tasting Elecare. We addd some Vanilla to the Elecare and tried to give it via spoon, but he took a tiny bit and then no more. I think he got a bit of a flare from the Vanilla so flavoring w/the Vanilla is a no go. He doesn't like it. So, now the spoon is being rejected. Although yesterday, I put some water on the spoon and he took the water happily. He must have a really keen sense of smell/taste. The GI's nurse suggested squirting the Elecare down via a syringe as you would medicine. Sheeesh. I'm going to try the Sippy Cup next, hoping your success will be my success too. Sigh.

    As for my own diet, I have been varied it a lot - Turkey, lamb, and beef once a week. He's got some mild flaring in his skin going on, but he's not losing weight, and his allergy ring isn't so bad at all. His B.M. are still runny but not horrible and never bloody so I'm okay w/this present status quo.

    i made that allergy-free chocolate cake but added those two tablespoons of cocoa, and I think that is contributing to his flare - that or the beef or the lemon/apple cider vinegar/garlic marinade I use on the meat to kill the taste of turkey/lamb/beef. It's just a marinade, but I suppose it could be contributing to the current mild flare.

    I haven't eaten egg or wheat/gluten in a loooong time. I did try giving him Hatsuga Genmai which is sprouted brown rice. Cooked it forever and pureed it - It wasn't received too well. So, I tried regular white rice - not too good. We tried a spoonful of carrots - I'm not sure, but I don't think carrots are okay w/him. Pears are definitely out. And, sweet potato is also out. I guess peas, apple, banana, watermelon, maybe some pureed grapes next - don't know. I think his stomach needs a rest so I'm not feeding him any solids for at least a week. The GI agrees that the Elecare (if he's not allergic to it) is the solution, but how to get him to drink it when I won't even drink it. Yech!

    I'm also so tired of pumping. I haven't pumped in a while, and the thought of pumping exhausts me. I'm wiped.

    The great thing is he's really developing and hitting milestones - like yours, he's very happy and smart. People are amazed at what a happy baby he is. He just smiles and laughts all the time. He's such a joy and soooo beautiful. I wish their stomachs would hurry up and close-up/mature/heal/etc!

    Today, I ordered some digestive enzymes for myself - maybe, that will help him if I'm digesting better. I asked the nurse/GI about this, and she said it doesn't matter as the baby should not be having problems w/food/breastmilk blah, blah. But, what the heck, I'm going to try it.

    I know two people in my family (not immediate family) who have food allergies - one was allergic to eggs until around 2 years old; the other had a dairy intolerance which he eventually outgrew.

    Your sandwich sounded yummy. I was probably drooling as I read about it ;)

  4. Thanks ladies!

    S-Anon, I'm so sorry to hear that your LO is reacting & rejecting. So, he reacted to pears and sweet potatoes? I sincerely feel for you & hope you also have success with the sippy!!

    I'm so glad your LO is hitting his milestones too. It makes all the effort worth it to see them happy, doesn't it?!

    I'm not so tired of pumping but am noticing that I'm pumping less milk. My friend who has a baby the same age is having the same issue. I wonder if it's typical for this point in nursing/pumping?

    I've read some really positive things about digestive enzymes so I would be trying that too!

    Did you have testing done by Entrolabs?

  5. Yes, I sent the swab into Enterolabs and have to call tomorrow to follow up. Yes, I've noticed that my breasts are not producing as much. But then, I've lost so much weight and have a hell of a time gaining the weight back - I am always eating, but I just can't gain weight. He sucks it right out of me, I suppose.

    Some women are able to BF for two years so I suppose it's a matter of getting enough rest and eating enough. I'm not getting enough rest or eating enough. I try. Recently, I found some Spectrum Palm shortening. I used that as "frosting" for the allergy-free chocolate cake which I'm not longer eating since I think my L.O. is reacting to the cocoa. Sheeesh.

    I will keep you posted on the enzymes. Maybe that will help him if I take them. Don't know. I don't have any problems w/my digestion, but what the heck, I'll try anything.

    I have to try that Mayo recipe!

  6. That's great news! Enjoy those sandwiches!!!! :)