Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a week!

It's amazing HOW quickly babies change. Over the past week Ethan has been working on his 5th and 6th teeth!! His gums are swollen and the white bumps are visible. He weighs 21 pounds and is 27 3/4 inches long. He learned to use his hands and arms to spin himself around while he's on his belly. He is VERY close to crawling too! He looks like a frog swimming but it gets him where he wants to go. Ethan also tried and actually ate pureed pears! He's getting better at drinking from his sippy cup too. I have to put water with a splash of apple juice in it but I'm hoping he'll eventually drink breast milk from it.

Last week we gave the daycare sweet potato in the mesh feeder to feed Ethan. He loved it! Later that day and for the next few days the skin around his mouth was all pink & red :( We'll have to try the sweet potatoes again in the future to see if it was a reaction to them or something else.

I've been trying to eat less rice. I worry that Ethan has been sensitized to it since I have eaten so much of it. For breakfast I've been eating Buckwheat Pancakes. I've used this recipe from Kathy's recipe box. I used applesauce instead of pureed squash. I omitted the milled flax combo (egg substitute). I also used 1tsp baking soda instead of the baking powder. They don't smell great but they taste good!

I picked up this book and whenever I've had a free moment I've been paging through. So far, it has some good, helpful info.

Ethan has a new found love for electronics... phones, remote controls, and the laptop. He reaches for them all.

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