Monday, September 21, 2009

Months 6-8

I'm far behind on my updates. My little guy is growing and changing so very much. He amazes me every single day. This is what he's been up to:

-Lost interest in rice cereal then flat out refused it. He really only ate it a few times. I often wonder if it made his belly hurt.

-More babbling ... Ba-Ba-Ba, Bla-Bla-Bla, Bob-Bob-Bob (love this one!)but no ma-ma-ma despite my efforts to get him to mimic. His favorite is still A-Da-Da-Da.

-Acquired two front top teeth when he turned 7 months old (both came through within a week of each other). Then another top tooth came through less than 3 weeks later. The 6th tooth (4th on top) is still working on breaking through as of today, September 21.

-Tried several different foods. He had allergic reactions to avocado and banana. Refused applesauce/apples then liked them a few weeks later. He ate sweet potatoes and winter squash. He has LOVED pears, peas, and carrots.

-Started smacking his lips when eating. He grunts to tell us that he wants more and spits when he's done. Sounds barbaric, doesn't it? :) We're working on sign language to help communicate these.

-Started drinking breast milk from a sippy cup. For the first time in months I didn't have to plan my day around going to the daycare to nurse him! We started with water and a splash of apple juice to introduce the sippy. It worked very well. He wouldn't take it with breast milk at first.

-Started having some separation anxiety. He plays independently with toys or books very well but he likes to have us near while he's playing. Sometimes he'll cry when we put him down/leave a room.

-Seems to be happiest when both mom and dad are home playing with him.

-Started reaching for us to pick him up!

-LOVES to slap "high fives". If you put your hand out he'll continue slapping it. It's his favorite game and a great distraction.

-Has started having little temper tantrums.

-Was sleeping for consistently longer stretches of 9-11 hours, but teething is wreaking havoc on that this week.

-Dropped his third nap of the day and stays awake for longer stretches between naps. If he's home he'll nap for 1-1.5 hours twice a day. If he's at daycare he may nap for an hour. We keep him home in the morning to make sure he gets a long nap in. He is too interested in what is going on at daycare to sleep.

-Learned to crawl in his own way. He uses his hands to pull and his feet to push off of. He looks like a frog or inchworm and it's adorable. He's gotten pretty quick with this method too!

-He loves to blow raspberries on anything and everything including his arm, my cheeks, my shoulder, the kitchen floor, etc. We're a slobbery mess but he loves it and it makes me laugh!

-Learned to give a BIG, cheesy smile :)

-LOVES to play in/with water. He loves to watch his bathtub fill up and nearly leaps from our laps into the tub. He also loves to have his hands washed and attempts to grab the water. Water play at daycare and in his high chair are a huge success.

-Still loves music. ABC's and Wheels on the Bus are losing their magic but Matt's rendition of Guns and Roses Patience (he'd love for E and I to be more patient) is a huge hit during diaper changes. Three Little Speckled Frogs and Baa Baa Black Sheep are working. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star during bath time is a favorite too.

-Despises his changing table, which is a huge shock b/c he used to love it. When he was tiny one of the only things that would calm him was to lie on the changing table. Needless to say diaper changes are more work now.

-Went to the park for the first time! He isn't sure about the swings yet but there were a few smiles. He was more interested in staring at the mulch.

-Is amazed by grass. He loved comparing the textures of grass and our driveway while sitting outside this past weekend. He went back and forth between the two with his hand.

-He lost interest in his exersaucer and is losing interest in his jumperoo, both of which he used to love but crawling is much more fun!

-Started riding in store carts instead of in his infant seat/stroller/carried/worn. He loves it!

-Has grown to 22+lbs and about 28 inches long!

-His hair has grown so much too! We are thinking about taking him for a haircut already because it is growing over his ears.

-He loves to play with his toys, open and close books, and explore our house. His new favorite find this week is the refrigerator. He's amazed when the door opens and tries to quickly crawl over before we close it!

{Exploring the grass}

{First time in a cart}

{Crawling, reaching, and showing ALL of his rolls!}

{Showing his new teeth}

{At the park with his daddy}

{At the park with his momma}

{Happy to be 7 months old}


  1. Your child is adorable and you are such an inspiration for sticking with breastfeeding him for so long!! I love reading your blog since we are in the same place you were 5 months ago. :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a great post! I can't believe how much he's grown from that little baby we visited in the hospital. He is absolutely adorable and such a happy little guy. This makes me so excited for the year ahead. :)