Friday, September 4, 2009

Professional photos

We had our photos taken by Elaine Gates a few weeks ago and she posted a few of them on her blog.

It was hot and E was tired so he's giving his scowl in most but she managed to get some great ones of him smiling.

I'd highly recommend her if you are local.

Also... I read this blog and tried her recipe for fruit roll-ups since Matt's mother brought over some peaches. They turned out great. Matt said that if I hadn't told him they were 'home made' he would have thought I had gone out and bought fruit roll-ups. I thought they were better than store-bought but I was biased ;) Super easy and you know exactly what's in them!!


  1. Christina, those pictures are awesome! What a gorgeous family you are. I'd love to know what something like this might cost if you get the chance. We've never gotten professional photos taken and I think 6 months is a great age to do it!

  2. Thanks Kim! I'll email you a link to see all of them & prices. I didn't post the link b/c the password is our last name.